Court of Annwyn Boxed Set

Автор: Shona Husk

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From the author of The Goblin King and the Shadowlands series, The Court of Annwyn Boxed Set contains the first two books in Shona Husks new series, capturing the color, decadence, and danger of the Fairy Court of Annwyn.

The Outcast Prince, Caspian, a fairy prince with the ability to feel the history in anything he touches, ventures into the world of humans and meets a woman worth sacrificing everything for his inheritance, the home he has always dreamed of, even his soul.

The Lord of the Hunt, Verden, is responsible for safeguarding the King and the whole Court of Annwyn.

Taryn's parents were exiled from the fairy world and she has spent her entire life avoiding her fairy heritage, but now she must get the pardon of the King or her parents will die.

But the magic of Annwyn is failing and Verden may have to choose between the woman he loves and the safety of the whole mortal world.

Steamy, sensual, and dangerous.

&quote;-Fresh Fiction on The Goblin King&quote;Romantic and intriguing.

&quote;-Publishers Weekly&quote;Enthralling.

&quote;-Booklist&quote;A great fairy-tale feel.



dark, fresh, and tantalizing.

&quote;-Anna's Book BlogExplore a new world of magic, elegance and mystery in the fairy Court of Annwyn, from the author of The Goblin King, The Kiss of The Goblin Prince, For The Love of A Goblin Warrior and The Summons: A Goblin King Prequel Novella.

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